We’ve made this simple SEO guide for you.


This is the first step. Potential clients typically call SEO Plan inquiring about an a estimate for what ever their case may be. These clients usually always have the same thing in common and thats maximizing their exposure with SEO whether it be on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Duck Duck Go and many other search engines. After reviewing your needs and goals, one of our SEO Experts will determine whether or not YOU would benefit tremendeously by becoming part of the SEO Plan Family.


Here at SEO-PLAN, all the work is done in house. We never outsource any of our projectzs. Our SEO Experts are very talented and remain realistic with every single project assigned to them. Once they start working on a project, it remains theirs until completion. Since we are the experts in this industry, it is possible they might suggest the following:


If a client comes to SEO Plan with a brand new domain, without age, or a domain with numbers and letters like the following: (, it is very possible we would suggest the client to let SEO-Plan get a new domain. It will take a long time ranking brand new domains with irrelevant keyword. If the client insists on keeping the domain, ranking the domain is possible, but it will take much longer. SEO Plan has methods which are proven to work, and with every project a list of very effective domains will be provdied to every client with age and the client will obtain complete ownership of the domain chosen. SEO Plan will NOT obtain ownership of project performed, domains purchased, or work created for the client unless the client and SEO Plan created a Partnership.


In the event that a customer presents us with a site not google friendly, whether the coding of their design has too much going on or it is difficult for google (Javascript) to read and understand, our SEO expert will suggestion giving SEO Plan the chance to rectify and provide a solution. He will explain in further detail why he would need to change the design of the website or the layout in which the site has been created. Within three-four weeks, SEO Plan will have reconstructed a complete website design ideal for google crawlers. SEO Plan will attempt to meet the "criteria" of every client, however on the off chance the potential client declines "the suggestions our expert offers", the expert is required to not accept the client as a candidate. The devoted SEO Expert has your best interest in mind. If you are looking for results, place your trust in the hands of someone who has proven over and over our methods work! Give us a chance to help you succeed.


Your devoted Expert will be sensible and realistic with you and your plans. If you're a small business trying to invest as little as possible, SEO may work in the event you are in a large city, or a heavily populated area. However, if you are trying to invest as little as possible attempting to rank in Google for: "Real Estate", "Wellness", "Fitness", it is very unlikely you will see a an impact if at all any impact. Your SEO Expert will give you the best keywords which focus on your business, and will inform you of changes needed to the sections of your website. We need to make is very easy for google to understand what your business is and also tie your business into a specific location. So back to our examples: Instead of optimizing "Fitness" as a searched keyword(s) instead you would want [#1 Personal Trainer Miami]. Your SEO Expert will realize if you are targeting "Fitness", you might receive 1-2 organic visits per month, which is why you will notice if there are several changes within your website. The main goal at SEO Plan is to provide results, with the results you're looking. When you win, we win. Put your trust in the hands of our SEO Expert, you will be impressed with what we have to offer!


Having a poorly designed website is like having a ferrari without an engine, sure it looks good but you can't go anywhere. If that doesn't make sense, another example would be someone who speaks fluently Spanish, understands very little english, lost and asking someone who only speaks English for direction. I'm sure that would be frustrating and after several attempts, might figure it out. If your website is poorly coded or structured, your SEO Expert will bring this to your attention and suggest changing the structure to something that google will understand. Just like Spanish and English, computers have a language of it's own, and our experts understand this language fluently. Let our team work on your structure for no more than 1-2 weeks, and you'll have a website that google will completely and clearly understand, and what your website is all about.


Yes, believe it or not, every website needs content. We will never provide a website that looks flashy with big pictures, a lot of animations, etc... with very little content. We will provide plenty of content on every single page of your site. Our SEO Writers have years of experience in multiple different niche and will focus on creating content for your site that is relevant to your main keywords or relevant to the main keywords on a specific page. In a nutshell, the more content you provide, the better your results will be. Google loves content. No content = No love, little content = little love, and Lots of content = (you guessed it) Lots of love.

Once all the above is cleared, and fixed. The SEO Expert assigned to your file will immediately start working on the Plan you selected, and search for the most effective keywords ensuring your 1st page on Google. If the requirements are not met, the SEO Plan you selected will not benefit you. Before we start with the SEO Plan, all projects are looked over by the team leader (measure twice cut once). Remember the analogy we said previously about having a ferrari with no engine? Well, you will be stuck. We will make sure you're ready for our SEO Plan.



Effective SEO marketing requires the ability to be attentive to details with a clear comprehension of exactly who is targeted. For example, If you are wanting to target a local audience, your campaign will be more restricted to (ex. cities, counties, regions, towns, etc.) whereas others will be much extensive nationwide with consideration of the brand's range and if there is a specific targeted audience. Typically, large businesses will focus on a nationwide marketing campaign, while the smaller businesses restrict their marketing methods to target the audience locally. We will be more than glad to explain this in more details and provide examples to ensure everyone is informed. Before deciding which method is best for you, get a free SEO audit with us! It's essential to analyze local SEO vs nationwide SEO thoroughly. We want to make sure our clients get the most out of SEO.


I'm sure you have heard of the phrase "supply and demand". If your specific audience with high demand, the price of service applying service for optimizing your site will be much higher than an audience which has a lower demand. Higher Demand = Higher Rates. If you find yourself competing against other competitors who are targeting the same audience as you, don't get discourage. We have been known to out rank our competition and dominate the audience in that niche. That being said, the more you limit our SEO agents the less effective we will be with immediate results. The Less You Limit = Greater Instant Results.

We're able to grow your traffic immensely, give it a try.