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SEO Plan provides search engine optimization for your business from the very first steps re-design, re-structures, website creation to the monthly SEO maintenance needed to get more and more exposure from Google. With SEO Plan your project will be gradually grow every month.

We've a large in-House team of (Designers, SEO Writers, Programmers) that are managed by 4 SEO Experts.

Monthly SEO Packages

Monthly SEO Subscription for constant organic growth

As our main service, this is our expertise. With hundreds of internet projects, niches, businesses we've been involved and our owns. We're able SEO Services that guarantees results for your online business, most likely results after the third month and from there a constant growth on new keywords, new locations and bringing new goals for your company.

How it works: You enroll into one of our SEO Packages, you and your project is designated to one of our four SEO Experts and they'll manage what to do every month with our in-house team. Some months they might decide to go full focus on SEO Content and some less of citations, mentions or others full of them. Let your SEO Expert guide your project, their experience and their own businesses can tell that you're in good hands and your growth is almost 99% assured.

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SEO Monthly Packages

SEO Consulting

SEO Consulting services provided by a TOP SEO Expert

As a initial contact we offer a FREE 5 Minutes consulting for your project where we analyze the potential of your business, the current growth and what ever is left of the 5 minutes to provide you a quick summary & little help for your business in organic traffic.

If wanted to extended the free initial consulting service, talk to one of the experts and let them know you're interested in a 1H Consulting service where he'll run over your project in detail and provide you key points where to start, where to fix, where to get improved and more. Your business might no be getting the exposure it deserve because of really small details let the seo expert diagnose your online business.

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Free Consulting

SEO Web Design

SEO Web design, re-structure and more related to FRONT END SEO.

We offer services of SEO re-design and re-structure where the front end of your website (visible for the guest) is retouched in order to follow what google likes the most for the websites to give them priority to rank. Working with hundreds of websites we can tell what's what google likes the most.

Having a NO SEO Friendly website, means that even with our SEO Packages google will not prioritize you as much as it should. Let our SEO Experts tweak here and there or let them re-do completely your business website. Of course this website will be a better looking website and 100% Google friendly.