SEO Web Design

Afforable price, higher returns, Google SEO Friendly results

With SEO Plan we provide from a "re-touch" or a complete re-design of your platform. With many years of experience in the fields we would provide you the best website & web design to fight against the top competitors in your niche. Your site once it's ready it'll just need a few updates every month in content, and a recurring monthly seo plan to get the growth your business needs.

Web design procedure: You're assigned to a seo expert that will determine which structure to use for your idea, after that he plan on titles,headings of section and more... he send those to our team of writers and after all that's done we send everything to our team of designers to make it real. Your SEO Expert will provide you the main idea of your site if it's approved we convert the design into a website. We take care about all the process of migrating, uploading and everything envolved to leave your new website live, 100% functional and Fully SEO Friendly

1. SEO Re-structure

Planning on the structure of your site, your categories, url's and placements.

As part of our SEO Websites, Redesigns we include re-structure. A restructure is part of a another point of view of your business through urls. let's say you have a e-commerce, google doesn't like anymore this typical structure: we totally change the way your site is structured via URLs. For google every single path of your site every single one has a meaning for google. Don't confuse google make it easier and understandable.

2. SEO Content

There's no good seo without content. We aim for your niche keywords

Our team of SEO Experts look for the best keywords your business niche could get, once we find the initial top keywords our experts sends to our writers topics to write about and they'll provide a high quality content ready to be exposed and 100% Google friendly aiming the keywords the SEO Expert provide.

Our SEO Content service is provided for any of this services: 1. SEO Website Service (Content of each page) or 2. Monthly SEO Subscription (for the weekly articles we release) We're going to keep your page updated with potential keywords your organic traffic will benefit. results will talk out of it.


A high talented in-house team of designers

Once your structured is planned, and your content is done we proceed to create the web design. Your web design will out-stand of your competitors the design you're going to receive will be a total professional web design created from scratch made specially for your business. This website at the same time of being impressively nice it'll still be on point for your SEO. The web design is created in order to convert the most users into what we're looking for leads, sales, depending on what we're aiming.

The in-house team of designers we use are the ones we use for our own projects, this are a very talented group of web designers with years of experience that are managed by your designated SEO Experts.

Why Our SEO Web Design Service?

From 0% to 100% Google.


Experienced & Professionals

Our in-house team of web designers they know how to treat your website, as the opposite of other web designers they're justn thinking on how nice it can look, where our designers think: How i can improve the seo with a high quality web design.


100% Success Ratio

There has not being a client we weren't able to rank, or improve their rankings. From dentists, painters, nationwide real estate companies, nationwide e-commerces, and many other internet projects we're their monthly solution.


Immediate Contact

Yes, we have our team of writers, designers, coders all of them managed by the SEO Expert that's taking care of your project. You have access to your SEO Expert at any normal hours M-S (Don't contact your Expert at 12:00PM he might not answer.)


TOP Seo Agency

Over 15 years of experience, our clients speaks for themselves, we can tell we are on the TOP 10 of SEO Agencies in U.S, Based on the success provided to our clients and our clients. Your success is guaranteed.


We Work Based on Your Budget

We have very very reasonable prices that any serious interested to grow their business will be able to get. The budget you provide us is used for your growth the more we can spend the most we can get for your results.


From 0 to 100% Success

No worries on what point of your business you're in. If you have the idea we can make it real. if you already started and it's growing we can impulse it even more.



Client: Assetcolumn is a Nationwide real estate investment platform, they used SEO-Plan for 2 years already as their source of everything related online (SEO & Web design). AssetColumn became the #1 Real Estate Investing Platform on Internet