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Our team is available daily to work with you and create SEO plans that would work best for your niche.


Our team is available daily to work with you and create SEO plans that would work best for your niche.

1. Content Plan

Content makes or break a website. Even with a professional and eye-catching design, the content is what a potential lead is looking for. Regardless if the content is in the form of infographics, blog, or press release, the page visitor is looking for answers to their questions

2. Social Media Marketing

Social media has a huge impact when it comes to marketing. Social media influencers can help you build your brand. The lack of social media presence can have a negative impact on the business. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. You name it, we can help you conquer it!

3. Web Design

Imagine yourself in an actual store. What catches your attention? The interior design of the store is the first to catch your attention, right? It is the same with an online page. Your webpage design is the first impression that you send to your clients. Make your first impression be a good one.

4. Keyword Research

In terms of SEO, your main keyword will play a huge role in the growth of your traffic. With the right keywords, you can gain a higher organic traffic in your niche. How do we choose the right keyword for your website? We seek for keywords that are low in competition, but high in profit.

5. Site Analysis

If you have a pre-existing site, we will help you in finding the strengths and weaknesses of your page. We will work on helping you improve your page to ensure that you will get the most out of our services. We will use vital tools to determine the performance of your page and how you can maximize your website for your benefit.

Are you ready to start?

Dedicated Team of Professionals

We employ the help of SEO professionals to ensure that SEO plan is done in a manner that is professional and results-oriented. For every client, our team assigns one personal SEO Expert to ensure that the service is personalized and customized to the needs of the client.

Working with Kansas SEO Experts provides you with the opportunity to work with trained professionals that know how to increase the organic traffic of your page. When working with our team, it is easier to achieve increased traffic in a legitimate way.


We follow a standard procedure, but we are creative in terms of the solution that we provide to our clients.


Consultation and Audit

We start with the consultation phase. You give us a call and we discuss what you want. During this stage, we don’t have any commitment to each other. We simply want to get to know you and we will let you see if we are the right fit for each other. Just give us a call and we can begin discussing your plans and goals for your site.


Quotation and Schedule

Once we have finished the call, we will send you an email that details the terms of the contract. We want you to be fully informed, which is why we will send you a quotation of our services. Moreover, we also want you to know the schedule of our services. We will lay out a timeline to help you further understand what will happen as we work.


SEO Planning

Once we have agreed upon the terms of the contract, we will get down to business. We will design and formulate a plan that can help improve the SEO of your website. We will assess your page or your business to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your team. With this in mind, we will know more about the SEO plan that we should undertake for your page,


Presentation of SEO Plan

During this stage, we will let you know what we plan to do with your page. We want you to understand why each step is important to improve your traffic. We want you to be a part of this plan in order for you to better appreciate the importance and effect of SEO on the growth of your webpage.


SEO Friendly Website

Once we have agreed upon the SEO plan, it is time to put the SEO plan into action. We offer services like content planning, site analysis, keyword research, social media marketing, web design, citations and backlinks, and other SEO services.